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 There are some terrible support and service operations for internet out there! We know because over the years we have had to support customers and Businesses where frankly, the internet provider those companies chose could not peel a banana!

Well let's just say that the support from those Internet Providers was less than perfect. When we were on the customers site, we actually had to wait for HOURS on end for simple technical support which should take minutes to be provided. And if you have an Internet Provider that is slow, then you will know exactly what we mean.

As the Internet has grown, so have many internet service providers and broadband (ADSL) suppliers but one thing is for sure - the support from most of them is poor to awful.

If you ever get email problems, or your broadband line stops working can your company seriously be without those services in some circumstances for days on end? We don't think so.

Our ISP Services

Dedicated Servers

Firstly, to solve all of those problems back in 2000 we developed our own Internet Services which have operated since at over 99.8% uptime on fast servers in dedicated data centers right here in the UK.

Broadband Services

Secondly, we partnered with a number of UK providers of broadband services so we can offer the best of both worlds.

Phonesavers is a specialist in the area of Internet hosting, broadband, website development and other related internet services where mobile phones are involved such as data.

We also provide expert advice to anyone upgrading their broadband connection, or signing-up to broadband for the first time.

You might like to know that this website design was developed in house to completion in less than one week. Phonesavers can do the same for you too.

Phonesavers is a great way to get great internet and broadband services with REAL, FAST SUPPORT when it matters. Our specialists are here to help and can perform a live availability check for your postcode area to compare and review UK ISPs.

We also have other Broadband deals from all the other top ISPs such as Opal, BT o2, T-Mobile, Orange and Three which has was voted fastest 3G coverage, and many more. Our Broadband prices are accompanied by all the information you need to make an informed choice including reviews from existing customers either it be the a small company or corporate the Phonesavers specialists can help.

For more information on hosting your website, broadband (ADSL) connectivity or other related subjects just fill out the form below or call 01782 537000. Our specialists are waiting for your call.