Mobile Phones & Contracts for Business

Business Phone land lines and costs

Analysis of landline bills

Phonesavers can analyse your current landline phone bill to determine the amount of savings that your company can achieve from our services. Our landline phone bill analysis is a free service we offer.

Phonesavers can then provide cheaper calls through your businesses current phone system. We are also able to provide landlines cheaper than BT, with nothing moving or changing apart from the bills, we can even match competitors tariffs. Nothing changes except that you get the benefit of cheaper landline bills.

As a business landline customers, you will keep your existing number and you will experience no disruption to your service during the change over whatsoever. In fact, the only difference you will notice will be the money your saving.

Phonesavers offers analogue and ISDN 2 services. You'll be able to retain your existing business numbers and receive just one bill for your land line and all call charges.


What we do

We will carry out an analysis of your existing usage, and detail this back to you in report, which will identify where savings can be made.

We simply switch your service across from your existing supplier. With no change of equipment, telephone number or downtime, the process is completely seamless. The only difference you will see is a significantly smaller bill.

On an on-going basis you will receive our usual very high standard of customer service. We do not operate automated telephone attendants and you will be allocated to a specific Phonesavers specialist to handle your account.


Why pay more?

 Why pay more for the same calls? We can give you the cheapest business landline call savings without compromising on service or support. We realize every business has different requirements, for example if you deal with international organisations, your key goal would be to source cheap international calls.

Whatever your requirements our team will tailor make a package to give you business landline call savings.


Where do i go from here?

We want to show you how much money you can save by moving to the most cost effective provider. All we need is a copy of your recent business telephone bill and we’ll generate a copy showing how much it could have cost you.

One of the areas in which we receive a lot of enquiries is making cheap landline calls to mobiles. If you are currently paying 10 pence per minute or more you need to be contacting us sooner than later because we can save you a sizeable reduction of money off your mobile call bills.


What's the result?

We can offer you the opportunity to reduce your monthly land line call spend, by routing your phone calls through an alternative provider. Our existing clients have already been pleased to find superb savings typically in the region of 30% per month.

Phonesavers has partnered with an award winning billing company to produce our own billing platform to route your land line calls directly to the network.

This means that Phonesavers can provide individual billing suited exactly to your company needs complete with the lowest rates and lower cost line rental in the market.


Contact us today to find out more about what Phonesavers can offer your business today!