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The leader in business mobile phone contracts and communication solutions. If you would like to visit our company you are welcome, or maybe call us by using the phone number that is displayed on this contact page we look forward to helping you with your enquiry and reducing your cell phone bills for your company. Our professional fully trained staff and employees are more than happy to help you with whatever aspect of the phone business you have problems with or how hard or simple your enquiry is. Remember we know our solutions very well and can always offer excellent advice whether you buy from us or not.

Solutions for most mobile phone, internet and landline communication problems can be supported by us as well as providing other technology solutions such as website development and SEO from a company that in 2017 is 28 years old and with extensive experience in the sectors we serve. If you need other solutions such as boosters or other accessories we can help as we supply those type of products to many business and corporate customers throughout the United Kingdom.

Our experience with corporate clients is also extensive and we have many reference sites that are very happy to reference Phonesavers reflecting the great service they have received from us. Service is a standard and not an option at our company. Our managing director comes from service and he has a very high standard that he has set the company to achieve - and thankfully we are always providing what the company setout to do, quality service and support.

Our 'other business' is operating as a manufacturers office for on-site communications solutions and they have many specialised products that are supplied in up to fifteen sectors of business including healthcare, hospitality, health and safety, corporate, retail, education, marine and other sectors so if you have any on-site requirements for solutions to communication problems then it is likely that we already have the answers here at Phonesavers. Note that our specialists for the on-site communications are different employees than in Phonesavers - but we can transfer your call in an instant so please do contact us about any requirements you may have. Simply fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you very soon. Alternatively call 01782 537000.

Thank you for your interest in Phone Savers - a division of Long Range Systems UK Ltd and we look forward to talking with you soon.