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Business mobile Phone handsets

What mobile phone handsets can we supply?

Don't waste your time searching our site - we've already found the best handsets available in the UK!

But more importantly, we will find you the best phone to suit your business needs.

In addition to thousand of mobile phones we can supply, instead of an automated price comparisons, we carefully select the best deals direct from the networks.

As well as pay as you go and Sim Free, whatever the make or model Phonesavers will get the phone you actually need, not just any old thing we could supply - as many competitors do.

OK but what handsets CAN you supply?

Phonesavers can supply every single phone that you want, any brand, any model, any price. You see, we don't happen to choose the phones for you that have the most profit in them for us... you will need to go to many hundreds of phone dealers in the UK for that type of service.

Instead, we actually determine the usage of the phone in your business by asking pertinent questions and we are then able to offer a number of phones that will meet your exact business requirements.

If you want an Apple iPhone - no problem, or an HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony or indeed any other handset that may be useful for your staff and your business. We will supply what you want if you don't like the handsets as we recommend no problem.

We supply many business across the UK with great phones and contracts that are affordable and fair!

We don't just supply the phones but we also support them, Our Apple and Samsung trained approved staff can help you with any problem that your handsets may face in the future! This is great because instead of ringing Apple or Samsung direct our staff here can help you quickly and properly dealing with one person only! Making your experience less frustrating.

 It's just that often in business the 'best' phone is not always the flavour of the day and we like to supply the best solution.

So if you have a requirement for new handsets, or even just a replacement phone for a faulty one then we can help.

Simply fill out our online form below or call us between 9-5.30 on 01782 537000 to find out more about what we can do for your company! Our mobile phone specialists would love to hear from you!