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Phonesavers Support  

Phonesavers is a company founded on technology and innovative products, As you can imagine many of our products in other areas of our business all need a very high level of technical ability both in the sales aspect of the products and the support area.

Apple Support

Our staff are apple trained and are able to support you if there is any issues with a Apple handset.


Samsung Support

Samsung Trained our staff can help with any issue that might be wrong with your handset

Provider Support

We deal with the providers so you don't have to! There is no more waiting hours for a member of your providers team to answer as we do all that for you!


We take support and satisfaction very seriously at Phonesavers and we are always happy to help you with your phone systems and help you get back on track!

Phonesavers currently support

  • All mobile support 
  • Microsoft servers including :
    • Windows servers
    • SBS Servers
    • Exchange
    • SQL Servers
  • Computer and PC related topics
  • Internet servers
  • Internet hosting, website development, SEO
  • Broadband
  • Specialized paging equipment for on-site use
  • specialized lockdown software for data protection from theft

and there is even more so you could say that we have a great foundation and experience of the support aspect in those technologies.

In fact Phonesavers ranks support of customers equipment no matter what from the above list as the high importance of all the things we offer customers today.

Many companies these days simply don't offer the level of support that we do and that is usually because of cutting out anything that they think does not matter - unfortunately their customer will pay the price through downtime.



The other aspect of support in our view and equally important is service to Phonesavers customers.

There are many more companies that sell what we sell (at least for some of those products) but its after the sale where we guarantee you will see an amazing improvement over your current supplier.

Now that's easy to say, but on this occasion it is very likely we will be proved correct.

You see, the Phonesavers difference matters in the following areas:

  • All accounts have a dedicated specialist who is an expert in the products or services the customer has bought
  • All issues where third parties are involved such as
    • Mobile phone account management
    • Internet ISPs
    • Broadband connectivity
    • Software vendors
    • Hardware vendors
    • Other technical support

All of the above communications are handled by us for the Phonesavers customers.

This fact alone can save the customer literally tens of hours (per month in some cases) and what do we charge for this service...NOTHING!

All we ask is that we work together as almost a partnership for one goal which is to make the Phonesavers customers objectives obtainable and sustainable with the smallest involvement by the customer as possible.

Now we don't think you have heard that statement too many times before.

Working together we know that we can make a big difference to your business when it comes down to communications of almost any kind and with the above service and support we also know that your time spend on things that you should really not be wasting time on will be absolutely reduced

Maybe its time to try out Phonesavers? Contact us today and speak to a member of our Team.